KAI Health Services pharmacies and Medigroup Clinics are progressive patient-centred medical facilities. We have created a network of family physicians, nurses, pharmacists, specialists, and other healthcare professionals who have patient care as their top priority.

From common illnesses and injuries to pediatric care and internal medicine, our clinical teams are proud to provide care for patients of all ages. All clinics have adjacent pharmacies. Visit us at one of our clinics today; our family doctors are accepting new patients.

KAI Health Services pharmacists are available to help you with prescription and medication needs as well as offer professional and friendly advice. Our aim is to ensure that your medications are safe and compatible, and we customize prescriptions to suit your special medication needs. Custom and blister packaging service is available for your convenience.

KAI Health Services pharmacies also provide industry-leading medication management systems for continuing care clients. We provide an innovative paperless clinical work flow solution which includes point of care scanning for medication management. We take a dynamic and innovative approach focused on the best clinical practices and resident healthcare outcomes.

Our Clinics

KAI Health Services has nine pharmacies and Medigroup Clinics has six clinics in the provinces of Alberta and Manitoba, in Canada. Medigroup is associated with the Edmonton Oliver Primary Care Network. This program provides great in-clinic support, including mental health therapists, referral coordinators, and screening coordinators for our Edmonton clinics.

8 Clinics

11 Pharmacies

Edmonton Locations

Fort McMurray Location

Winnipeg Locations

Our family recently had to change our family doctor after many years. We stopped by the Kensington Medical Clinic and met one of the physicians there. He was so friendly, we were so pleased to find someone so fast!



Do you accept walk-in patients?

Yes, all of our clinics accept walk-ins throughout the day. However, we advise patients to call us if they plan on coming closer to closing time.

What to bring for a first visit or walk-in?

  • Photo identification
  • Current healthcare card

Are you accepting new patients?

Currently all of our clinics have physicians that are accepting new patients. If you are looking for a family doctor you can call to schedule a Meet and Greet appointment at a clinic of your choice.

What are uninsured services?

Uninsured services are services that are not covered by provincial healthcare and require the patient to pay. Examples of these services include:

  • Drivers’ medicals
  • Insurance forms
  • Fitness assessments for work
  • Lawyers’ forms
  • Disability forms

Fees vary by form. Please call to inquire about the charge before your appointment and note that we accept cash only.

Do I need a referral to see a specialist?

Yes, referrals are done by a family doctor to see a specialist. There is one exception; no referral is needed for an appointment or walk-in with our pediatricians.